About Fols Media

The Brightest

Since its launch Fols Media is committed to providing publishers with comprehensive solutions to monetize their website and advertisers with easy solutions to access targetable audiences.

Fols Media was founded in 2010 (originally AdKarma) with a mission to do digital differently – more personally, more strategically and more passionately.  Armed with this vision and a fiercely dedicated staff to realize it, Fols Media has experienced exponential growth and has established itself as a leader in the digital advertising landscape.  Fols Media has committed itself to providing publishers with comprehensive monetization solutions and providing advertisers with access to their desired audiences at scale.

Fols Media began as a publisher-focused yield optimization service.  Before long, extensive advertiser relationships, aggressive optimization tactics and unparalleled customer service earned Fols Media a rapidly-expanding and loyal customer base that spanned formats, products and devices.

Today, Fols Media is home to a dedicated team passionate about the digital advertising industry and working hard to discover new ways to deliver unparalleled results for valued partners.